ALPHA WOLF is named from the inspiration of wolf’s spirit. The wolves are always moving in group with a dominant within it which is also known as the alpha.


The inspiration of wolf in named came from the spirit of wolf symboling of guardianship, instinct, loyalty, and spirit. The Wolf represents strong connection with instincts & intuition, high intelligence & communication.


ALPHA WOLF was named as a symbolic of strong, leadership, loyal, and tough spirit which is perfectly fit into our daily workout routine.

”Every change is hard at first, messy in the middle and so gorgeous at the end.” by Robin Sharma.


with ALPHA WOLF apparel, the inspiration from spirit of wolf to boost your confidence & comfort during every session of the workout.

Last but not least,

FEEL like an ALPHA WOLF & PUMP like a BEAST!!!!!


Our Purpose – Bringing the High Quality, fashionable designs into your workout sessions.

Our Mission – To be a brand which you can trust, giving you a brand new experience on the fusion between fashion & active wear.

Our Vision – To be the world’s most trusted sport wear brand and connecting people, businesses and communities to a better future

Our Value – We own and shape our future ; we always set the right aim with precision, pace & passion

Our Quality – Products and services we are proud to stand behind through determination, creativity and passion.